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The automatic car wash is a touchless automated system where you drive your vehicle inside the wash bay after payment at an auto-cashier. Cash, coin and credit card are all accepted forms of payment. Once authorized, you drive forward into the wash bay and remain in your vehicle during the entire wash process.

The wash bay is designed to wash cars, trucks, and vans. Once your vehicle is in the correct position, a signal informs you to stop. At that point, the car wash equipment moves around and over your vehicle on a track, performing a specific function, such as applying soap or rinsing, with each pass. The touchless car wash relies on high-powered jets of water and chemicals to clean the vehicle. Only the water and chemicals actually come in physical contact with the car. After the vehicle is cleaned and washed, it is time to dry your vehicle, which is done with high pressure air blowers.






Our self-service wash bays are open bays that your vehicle drives inside. Our bay door opening is 10' high x 10' wide. The bay length is 28' long. The self-service system has a pressure sprayer and a foaming brush that is connected to a pump. The wash meter is a timed system where you pay and select the wash cycle you want, such as pre-soak, soap wash or rinse from a rotary dial. A timer shuts the water off at the end of your wash time - or you can add more money if you want more time. The wash meters accept coin, dollar bills, or credit cards.


Tire and Engine Cleaner
  • Low pressure foaming action
  • Helps remove oils, grease and brake dust
  • Safe to use on all tires and engines
  • Low pressure foaming action
  • Quickly wets and penetrates
  • Helps remove stubborn road film and bugs
Wash Soap
  • High pressure water action
  • Warm water for extra cleaning  power
  • Heavy-duty, high speed cleaning
Clear Coat
  • High pressure water action
  • Protects and conditions
  • Provides rapid beading and a high-gloss appearance

 Foam Brush

  • High sudsing action
  • Powerful cleaning ability
  • Fun bubble gum scent


  • High pressure water action
  • Cold water to quickly remove soap suds

 Spot-Free Rinse

  • Low pressure water action
  • Eliminates spots and streaks as your vehicle dries

Coin operated, easy to use vacuums are available to clean and remove dirt and debris from inside your vehicle. The high-powered vacuums are coin operated and offer 5 minutes of vacuum time for $1.00.

Coin operated vending units, located inside our vending room, offer a wide selection for cleaning and detailing products. Prices vary.

ArmorAll Protectant
•    Protects and beautifies our vehicle inside and out
•    Guards against UV damage for rubber and vinyl
Air Freshener
•    Remove unpleasant odors
•    Long-lasting fresh scent
ArmorAll Cleaner
•    Multi-purpose cleaner
•    Use on whitewalls, wheels, seats, dashboards, door panels, bumpers and  more
ArmorAll Leather Wipes
•    Cleans, conditions & protects
•    Renew and revive leather's natural beauty
Rain Vision

•    Rain repellent for glass
•    Improves driving visibility



Micro-Fiber Detailing Cloth
•    The ultimate drying and polishing cloth
•    Streak-free windows without cleaners
Jumbo Blue Sham
•    This tough, heavy-duty, absorbent material
•    Made of 100% fabric
Wet Towel Cleaner
•    Non-streaking and self-drying
•    Use to clean film and road grime from headlights
Bug & Tar Remover
•    Removes bugs, tar, oil, asphalt, road film and tree sap
•    Safe for all finishes
Terry Towel
•    Use to wash or dry your car
•    Use over & over again


  1. Be sure you drive into the wash bay and position your car in such a way that it’s parked right in the center of the bay. This gives you plenty of space to walk around your vehicle and thoroughly clean it.
  2. Be prepared to wash your vehicle before you place your money into the meter. Avoid wasting time removing things from your vehicle such as car mats, trash and other unnecessary items.
  3. Once you’re ready to wash your vehicle, set the dial to the desired wash cycle. Once the meter is activated, pull in the wand trigger and be prepared to start working.
  4. You should also be knowledgeable about the entire car wash process. It’s best to pre-soak the vehicle or pre-wash it. Then clean your tires and follow up with soaping the exterior. Once this is done you’ll have to finish off with a thorough rinse. Remember to work quickly so you get your money’s worth.


At Riverview Wash Haus, we know how important a clean vehicle is to your business so we designed a fleet wash program that’s flexible, easy to manage & control while ultimately providing a great wash for your company’s fleet. Programs include special discounted rates on the automatic car wash, self-service bays, or a combination of both.  

You wash your vehicle when needed, and your company can pay later. Each company vehicle will receive a WashCode that is entered on the automatic auto-cashier touch screen. You will be billed on a monthly basis and will receive an invoice from us at the end of each month. Your invoice reflects each vehicle’s usage, so you can monitor your fleet.

To accommodate many types of service vehicles, we offer self-service token discount packages. Both small and large volume packages are available. Each token represents a 5 minute wash cycle. Simply insert the token in the bay meter and select the wash process needed to get your vehicle clean.    

No hassles, no contracts, just clean vehicles. No fleet is too big or too small. 

For more information on our fleet program, please  contact our business office at 715-902-9210 or email us at info@riverviewwashhaus.com.